Things You Should Know While Staying in a Casino Hotel

If you have been travelling to casino destinations lately or even if this is your first visit, there are a few things you can learn about the casino hotels that are different from general hotels. Even bookings for these hotels might not be available in all the travel websites. There are luxury hotels which are available for the guests in the casino resorts. Along with the accommodations, the resorts can offer other activities like fitness centres, spas, swimming pools, and more. Even if you do not feel like gambling, you can still spend a good time in these casinos. But before you make an entry in one of such casino hotels, it is recommended that you know these things.

High security

You will find much strict security in casino hotels as compared to the regular hotels. This is because these hotels account a much larger amount of liquid money and are no less than a bank. Any suspicious activity can get questioned immediately, and any abusive behaviours can be removed from the premises. While you can be assured of your safety, make sure that you do not create a scene for yourself.


Tipping the staff

There are different rules for tipping in different destinations. While some casino hotel staff may accept the tips happily, others have strict policies for not taking any tips from the guests. If the hotel does not allow tipping, all the prices will be included in what you pay for the services. However, if the hotel allows tipping, it is customary to tip the dealers, waitresses, and room service who only get a minimum wage. This will help people the staff workers and make them a little happy to serve you better.

Gambling/drinking age


Different casino hotels have different age limits for gambling and drinking. Make sure that the place that you are travelling to allow gambling for your age. The minimum drinking and gambling age in the US is 21 while in some states it is also 18. Similarly, in Canada, the gambling age is 19, and in Europe, you must be 18. You can still stay in the hotel with the same facilities if you are not eligible to play at the casino. To enter the casino hall, you will need an ID authorized by the government.

Free rooms

Some casinos may even offer free rooms to the guests. But these free rooms come at high prices that you will be spending in the casino. If you are a high roller and play in the most expensive rooms of the casino, you will automatically be treated like a VIP. You will get luxury rooms at much cheaper rates and sometimes even for free. You can still enjoy the free drinks and snacks inside the casino when no matter what game you are playing.