The Most Exotic Casino Hotels In the World to Play At

In the quest of finding the best exotic casino hotels around the world, we will take a look at the most acclaimed casino hotels. These heavenly places can bring fortune to some or take away everything under the compulsion of gambling. However, comfort and luxury are always guaranteed. Here are the best casino hotels in the world that you can plan for your next holiday destination.

Emnotweni Casino, Capetown

Along with the largest wildlife destination in the world, South Africa also provides several casino resorts that you can plan to stay at during your vacation. Emnotweni Casino is one popular exotic casino resort which provides everything that you expect from a casino. It offers only the best slot machines and high roller rooms for bigger bets and even bigger payouts. The hotel has 109 rooms all exclusive for celebrities and high stake gamblers, making it a luxury stay. The nearby wildlife safari in the Kruger National Park is also a great place to visit when you are not playing at the casino.

Atlantis Paradise, Bahamas

One of the most iconic casino resorts is the Atlantis Paradise Island which features multiple casino hotels. Sun International Kingpin, Sol Kerzner designed the casinos and the entire island. It includes hotels like the Cove, the Royal, the Beach, the Reef. The tourists visit the island from around the world to spend quality time with activities like fitness centre, golf, fine dining, spa, bars, marine activities and more. This is the Caribbean delight that you have been looking forward to.

Treasure Island Hotel & Casino, Nevada

Treasure Island Hotel & Casino, Nevada

Las Vegas is the most popular casino hub around the world, which makes constant appearances in the movies. The Treasure Island Hotel & Casino is an award-winning destination. This is a former MGM property which was later bought by Phil Ruffin in $775 million in 2009. Ever since then, today is it worth around $1.5 billion. The casino resort is open 24/7 and hosts high betting tables with plenty of game varieties. The hotel offers deluxe rooms, executive suites, luxury suites, premier suites, and even penthouse suits, a variety for everyone.

The Costa Rica Casino, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for many other things than its small but interesting casino industry. There are many small size casinos with fewer tables. Along with its flora and fauna, the gambling houses in the middle of jungles make the destination even more interesting and appealing. These casinos may not be available in the travel packages, but you can still take the help of the local guides to check out these compact yet adventurous casinos. One also needs to be a careful of the thugs and robbers who often look for foreigner targets.