Top Casino Games for Beginners

A beginner’s first experience in a casino can be intimidating and overwhelming because all other individuals understand what they are doing unlike you. Some beginners just prefer to sit and watch others play no matter how the respective croupiers and dealers try to help. People from different backgrounds love casino games and come with their preferences, and as a newbie, you can emulate them. However, online casinos are better since even a beginner plays any game they prefer and can readily afford even if it means playing chips. This opportunity enables the beginner to have fun, make some errors, get lucky, and take time on every encounter without minding other people’s judgment because you can play in your house. Millions of gamblers are now preferring to play casino games from their homes, and online platforms are becoming the most highlighted destinations. However, you are still new to online casino games, so you can first focus on the easier ones as elaborated here:

Slot Machines

Slot machines are among the most famous casino games out there because, in almost all the casinos, you can find so many electronic machines on the floor. The slot machines were included in the arsenal to occupy the players and keep them gambling as they wait for table game spots to be availed. The 1-arm bandits are responsible for a bigger portion of a casino’s basics. The slot machines are there in different sizes and shapes, and the spin rate is in a range of $0.01 to $100.

The games are unique because you can find the traditional ones, and even the modern iterations with pop culture, 3D graphics, and other crucial themes. Game shows have gained popularity because you can find The Price is Right, Jeopardy!, and Wheel of Fortune in any casino. Deciding the denomination play can be challenging, but the rest is easy since you only need to push a button. The online slot machines can as well extend your stay at the game, and many bear RTP ranging from 95% to 98%. Slot games are preferred by casino game beginners because their rules are less complicated, and the RTP is quite decent. Slot machines are the simplest of all casino games.


Blackjack has become the favourite casino game in ages because it provides the best gaming strategy and fun. Many casino gaming beginners like Blackjack because the rules are easy to understand, the gameplay is familiar, so they can comfortably sit at the gaming table. Some games have small table minimums, and this attracts players because they can freely navigate for as low as $5 in each hand to pick. However, newbies make costly mistakes when playing blackjack, but they can attend free classes offered by several casinos on their respective websites.

A beginner can get an exclusive blackjack head start by regularly visiting a gift shop to acquire a strategy card. The basic strategy helps you as a player to reduce the resultant house edge to a figure less than 1%, and this is quite low that the beginner will be gambling at an even stake. This means that any player can play blackjack for hours even without a bankroll, and not go broke. If you manage to get several lucky swings, you can be catapulted to the front end of the game. Irrespective of the gaming results, you can get a consistent and reliable bet size, so you will not be chasing losses. Proper selection of the bet amount is essential because this determines your longevity in the casino game. It is estimated that approximately 1-2% of any bankroll is fine for this game.


Craps is an intimidating casino game, especially for beginners. You will find many experienced casino gamblers who know and understand what you are doing. Many casino beginners do not dare to get into the action, and so the veterans are crucial. The ones who dare face several betting choices, but for beginners, there are some bets that one can stick to effectively and easily. A beginner can consult the dealer on the right time to bet who will assist you accordingly. Chase the respective odds provided by the bets, and you will be in perfect shape. The craps tables have a camaraderie where the players laugh and drink as they cheer for the shooter.

The top online casino games


Roulette is better than craps because it has more bets that are more user-friendly, and so a beginner can get impressive odds. Roulette, unlike other casino games, moves slower, and all gamblers including the newbies view this positively. Once the game slows down, you have an elongated period to have fun, and the chances of losing are low. Blackjack and slots move quicker than roulette that has an extended betting period as well as the wheel’s spin. Try to avoid the big board bets, and focus more on the even cash bets. If you do not know the right money bets to take, consult anyone at the gaming table. The odds are also marked nicely at the table, so a beginner can look and choose accordingly.

Video Poker

Video Poker is quite interesting, and the machines resemble those of slot machines, even though the game is different. Video Poker is mostly for skilled players because a beginner must experience a unique learning curve, but it is easy to pick up the game. For the shy individuals or ones who dislike being in the public domain, video poker suits them accordingly because one does not have to chat with other players or interact with dealers. You can readily download the video poker application onto your device, and you will have great fun gambling at your point of convenience.


Baccarat eases the table games for all and more so the beginners because it is a forerunner that ensures simplicity and fun. When playing Baccarat, you have these three options; Tie, Player, and Banker. You choose on every hand and allow the cards to fall into place, but the best option is normally the Player. The Banker has a minor advantage, but there is a fee for this bet. It is advisable to avoid the Tie bet. Baccarat has a house edge of 1.5%, and so for casino rookies, one can extend the bankroll, especially in the wee morning hours. A majority of casinos offer free classes for Baccarat newbies, so they will learn and even get some online options to try.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker needs some time for gamblers to adapt. As a beginner in casino gambling, you should be ready for a great task to go through the game and understand it, and so you must spend enough time to know the game details because this can be rewarding. In any casino, Pai Gow Poker is among the most exciting. Other casino games like Casino War can have better odds than Pai Gow Poker, but the latter is more engaging. It combines ancient Chinese games with modern era poker variations, and the repercussions are amazing. Pai Gow enables you to enjoy a win twice, and no other casino game can give you this experience.