How do NZ Casinos Stack up Against the World’s Best Casinos?

New Zealand is home to six land-based casinos. You will have a whole amazing experience when you spend a night gambling at any of these casinos. The entertainment is top-notch. From the hissing sounds of roulette wheels, the jangly music from the slot machines, to the jubilant screams from the card tables, you will most certainly have a glamourous night in this country.

The traditional casinos in New Zealand enable players actually to gamble for real money. As a tourist and a fun-loving person, you would want to visit at least one of these casinos to know exactly how they stack up against the world’s best casinos. But before you do, let us show you a little bit of how these four amazing land-based casinos in NZ up their games to match the world’s best casino.

Christchurch Casino

This casino has 36 table games, several poker lounges, a fully-equipped baccarat room, a brand new arena set aside for electronic sports with four PS4s on the wall where you don’t have to pay a dime to play, and 500 slot machines. With all these in place, you can imagine how entertaining it is in the Christchurch casino.

Here in Christchurch casino, the blackjack lovers also have a place of their own. There are quite several blackjack varieties to choose from, like the blackjack or classic blackjack. Your night in this casino won’t be entertaining enough if you don’t do any of the following activities.

• Visit the in-house restaurants to have a taste of some of the Cantonese cuisines like stir-fries full of different flavours and spicy noodles

• Take part in the free tasting of beer and wine events, or

• Visit the bar section for juicy steaks and burgers as you listen to some good music from across the world.

If you’re looking for something more than just the casino in New Zealand, this place should be the first one on your list. They open seven days a week, all day long on the weekends and from 11 to 3 in the morning on weekdays.

Auckland’s SkyCity

You can easily locate this place from wherever you are in the city. Auckland’s SkyCity casino is regarded as one of the top casinos in the world, and it also operates the best online casino in New Zealand. They offer several games throughout the week, making them one of the country’s busiest casinos. These games include baccarat, blackjack, rapid baccarat, three card poker, lunar poker, snake eyes, beginner packages, so they don’t feel left behind, casino war, etc.

They have approximately one hundred and fifty table games and over two thousand gaming machines to keep players busy throughout their casino stay. One special virtue about this casino is that they always preach against bankruptcy. They advise their customers to not go overboard with their gambling expenditure that they should do it responsibly. You haven’t seen the baccarat room yet. It has a gaming facility running for 24 hours, a luxurious bar, a place set aside for smoking, and committed cashiering services. It also offers learning packages for the newbies who are interested in knowing how to play table games. For the experienced players looking to sharpen their skills on these games, there is a package for you too. And to make it all interesting, these packages are pocket-friendly.

Away from gambling, there are on-site hotels where the casino customers can rest after a fun-filled night at the casino. These hotels have a lovely spa and well-equipped fitness centres, restaurants, and bars where you can sit and relax comfortably while eating or drinking.

Hamilton SkyCity

This casino in New Zealand is the most scenic of all. For both local and international tourists in the hunt for New Zealand’s best casinos, the Hamilton casino should appear first on your list. It overlooks the beautiful Waikato River, offering learning and etiquette in gambling from the SkyCity group.

Besides the twenty-three table games and three-thirty gaming machines, it also has a salon 8 VIP area for members only. The in-house restaurant offers five different options: Marble Room Cocktail, Eat Burger, the Local Taphouse, zone sports bar, and Number-8 bars. Hamilton casino changes its theme to match the national events in the country all year long. They would go with a Halloween theme during Halloween, UfC matches during the match seasons, and burlesque shows when that time comes. Here, even kids can experience their own kind of fun from the bowling alley. For adults who love golf, you can play or watch others play at the most sophisticated golf simulator grounds.

Dunedin Casino

The Dunedin casino is at the Otago Harbour, in the south coast part of New Zealand. To get there, you have to go up the beautiful golden stairs to a glass roof where every detail shouts fun. It has twelve table games and one-eighty electric game machines to spice your night. You only need to pick your favourite activity and be on the game all night long.

There is also a great bar and café area where players and real money gamblers can have a bite of contemporary New Zealand’s cuisines and other special international offers like Laksa. Drink your favourite beer as you watch how great the city looks at night through the casino wall glasses. And when you have had enough entertainment in the casino, there is a shuttle bus downstairs ready to take you to your local hotel or motel to rest.

The Queenstown Casino

Here, be sure to enjoy watching or playing the most popular casino games in the world as you eat some delicious in-house food delicacies and snacks from the casino restaurants known as the Wild Thyme bar. The next time you visit the Queenstown casino, inquire about their lunch loyalty card. You wouldn’t wish to miss any of the fun-filled events on Queenstown casino premises, so check if there is any before visiting them.

Their table games include blackjack, midi-baccarat, baccarat, Caribbean stud poker, and roulette. Besides these table games, they also have 86 gaming machines and twelve gaming tables. The newbies have a chance to learn these games through their learning packages, which come at an affordable price. Also, another special package is for other experienced players to sharpen their skills on the above games here in this casino.

These New Zealand land-based casinos:

• Only allow players or gamblers with a minimum age of 20 years in the casino. You must present at the entrance a valid national ID with your photograph before they let you in.

• A lot of these land-based casinos have a stringent dress code policy. Check from their website before they turn you back.

• Almost all of the land-based casinos in New Zealand have bars and restaurants providing some great deals in the casino packages, so don’t shy from eating while there. You can always inquire from the floor attendants when you’re not sure.

• Please note that when you decide to participate in the Carnival games, the three card poker and the Caribbean stud poker will be taking a huge risk since they are not easy to win.

• The New Zealand land-based casinos are the safest places you could be since there are over twenty thousand cameras installed in every corner of these casinos to watch you. The security people are always on standby in case anything happens that requires their attention.

To stack up against the world’s best casinos, these New Zealand land-based casino always encourage their customers to gamble responsibly. They also promise you so much fun and entertainment that will leave you yearning for more.