Popular New Zealand Casino Resorts

Did you know that New Zealand has been an international tourism destination since the late 1800s? Or, did you know that it’s been a major filming location for several Hollywood films and TV shows, including The Lord of the Rings! It’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world. However, we’re going to focus on another aspect of life here in New Zealand: gambling. Let’s see what some of the country’s most popular casino resorts have to offer.

A history of New Zealand as a tourist destination

New Zealand is a country in the southwest Pacific Ocean consisting of two main islands (the North Island and the South Island), and numerous smaller islands. The indigenous Māori named New Zealand Aotearoa, commonly translated as “the land of the long white cloud“. In the 1950s, a 6km stretch of highway was built between the two islands. This stretch of road is called Cook Strait, named after one of the two ships, that navigated the narrow passage in the 19th century; Shenzloot Island, named after the Shenzloot Kapiti Cook Strait Tales (translated as The Tales of the Cook Strait), a collection of oral accounts from the earliest Maori settlers who landed in New Zealand in the 1830s.

Alongside military purposes, the road was built to serve the tourism industry, with tourists arriving by air and sea to fish and bicycle on the South Island and take in breathtaking views at the North Island’s Mount Orwell, Cunninhamlen Mountain and the all-seeing Mt Longford. It’s a beautiful place to visit with a lot to offer. Plus, with due respect to James Bond, it’s a safe bet that Daniel Craig spent a considerable amount of time in Cook Strait.

New Zealand casino resorts to gamble

The First Casino

The Queen Elizabeth II casino was based in Parkes and opened its doors in October 2002, becoming one of New Zealand’s largest gambling destinations. At 650,000 square feet, it’s bigger than “Cobra Harbour,” the largest casino in the United States, yet it is dwarfed by the relatively new 6,000-square-foot “iconic” Royal Auckland casino complex.

In terms of ranking, the Queen Elizabeth II is the fourth most-visited casino resort on the planet. Just behind MGM Grand (15,000,000 square feet, Las Vegas); above Rio de Janeiro (2,900,000, Brasilia); and above the MGM Grand (2,900,000, Las Vegas). The newly opened and on-going Cyber Valley, located just across the Auckland airport from the Queen Elizabeth II, is the fifth biggest casino in the world as of 2018 (and the seventh biggest in the world as of 18 October 2019).

Know your NZ casino laws before you get there

New Zealand has some very strict gambling laws, including a ban on online gambling. Make sure you know the NZ casino laws before you travel there.

When compared to other comparable destinations, New Zealand is about 40 percent more expensive. What type of bonus points you earn depends on which bonuses you qualify for, which hotel you stay in, and which privileges you receive when you book

Booking Bonuses

We love this bonus because it is very generous, and the guests get to stay for free. The rooms at this resort are from $111 A roundtrip to Auckland (with an introductory 10 percent gate fee) to $189 A roundtrip to Wellington (Hawaii).

You get a free night certificate valid for one month’s stay (that includes breakfast and two nights’ check-in on the day of your stay). If your flight leaves at 10:00 a.m. on a Tuesday, you’ve got until noon the next day to claim this complimentary night certificate.

A description of the 5 most popular casino resorts in New Zealand

The five most popular casino resorts in New Zealand are:

  • SkyCity Casino, Auckland;
  • SkyCity Queenstown Casino;
  • SkyCity Hamilton;
  • Manukau City Casino;
  • SkyCity Casino, Darwin.

It’s no wonder why some of these casinos are considered to be the five premier casinos in New Zealand. They’ve managed to attract some of the best gamblers from all over the country.

New Zealand is also considered to have gambling as a popular pastime in Australia, quite comparable to the United States. Australians bet over A$10 billion each year on sports as well as on horse races, which is also known as Triple Crown Racing.

At the foot of the Southern Alps, the picturesque Lookout Valley is one of the nation’s most beautiful scenic areas — and the perfect place for a night of casino gaming. Multiple slot and poker machines have been set up, as well as two restaurants and bars. The valley is home to a variety of other attractions including the southern terminus of the South Island Railway, as well as a viewing platform from Kiwi helicopter tours. It’s open seven days a week from 5:00pm to 6:00am.

Visit the New Lynn Casino on the northern side of the Waitemata Harbour, and you’ll see a prime example of how beautiful the gaming landscape can be. Hosted by Macau-based Pinside, this area is known for its nightlife with a diverse crowd, and the casino makes a great place to host a private event. You can play a slot machine, play blackjack with pool tables, enjoy a cocktail lounge, and more. A fully licensed bar is part of the facilities you’ll find here.


If you’re an avid casino player, you should definitely consider spending some time at one of these casinos! According to Business Insider, whichever location you choose, you’ll find more than 50 slot machines throughout both city centres.