3 Casino Hotel Features That Might Surprise You

Most of the luxury hotels around the world can have several common traits which make the stay of their guests comfortable and luxurious. These hotels provide similar accommodation, room services, and other facilities. However, the casino hotels have a lot more to offer from the looks to the feels throughout the place. Some casino hotels have some unique features which you can find only when you visit these hotels. These are the three casino hotels with unique features that may surprise you and make you want to visit these places even more.

Vdara Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a hub for a number of casino hotels, and all of them use the same kind of furniture for their guests. The common furniture available in the hotel rooms includes dining, couch, bed, and a few cupboards. Vdara hotel provides a dining experience much greater than any other hotel. It offers a slender table in the room with well-appointed Parsons chairs. You can enjoy having friends over at your hotel room and have a nice dinner with quick room service. The dining table is also decorated with a slatted lamp right above the table. You can use your hotel room for handling your business as well. You can hold meetings in the Vdara hotel while you are in town, instead of looking for a crowded coffee house.

Borgata Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City

Borgata Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City

Borgata offers one of the finest hotel rooms that a casino hotel can offer. The guests can relax and feel as if they are at the comfort of their homes while they get to enjoy casino games in a foreign destination. The room interiors make all the difference for this hotel which makes it unique. The décor is designed with natural rick wood foyer, armoire, and true vanity table inside the oversized bathroom. It has a custom-made inlaid wood abounds, such as nightstands, headboards, and tables. The simple colour palette of accent seating also makes it a room filled with rich interiors. While you are here, you can expect a luxury stay with a homelike comfort.

L’auberge Casino Hotel, Baton Rouge, LA

The L’auberge casino hotel offers a unique venue to stay with the best facilities you can expect in New Orleans. From the headboards and footboards in the bedroom, a separate area, accent chairs, to end-to-end benches, this lush and plush room has it all which makes it a unique casino hotel accommodation. The darker colour palette, leg accents on the furniture, and aristocratic air make it a luxurious accommodation. The table also has unique designs which are not commonly found in any other hotel rooms. You will feel like getting a royal treatment during your stay in this hotel.